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How do you describe Born To Wander, a band that can make the top of the jazz and the jam band charts?


“soulful and amazing”

-The Scene, CO


“perfect balance. Jazz? Americana? Old Timey? Forget the labels.”

-KUCI Radio, CA


The music of Born To Wander is honest and stripped-down. Engaging. Soulful jazz-americana with an acoustic aesthetic. The unique sound comes from the instrumentation, the songs themselves, and the well-traveled imaginations of Kate Skinner (vocals), Steve Kovalcheck (guitar), and Erik Applegate (bass).


Steve calls it “jazz meets roots,” But Kate says “we just want to play songs that groove and feel good, and we want to create an intimate setting…like we’re playing in your living room.” Erik adds, “One constant that runs through all of our material is the blues- the spirit at the core of American popular music.”


On their debut release, Born To Wander focused their imaginations on a diverse collection of songs from the widest view of Americana. Hank Williams, Richie Havens, even Queen.  “We were going for a nostalgic mood, with a forward-thinking approach,” says Kate. “It’s stuff you can either dance to or hold hands to,” says Erik, “laugh at or cry to.”


The response has been strong- Born To Wander reached the CMJ Jazz top 40 and the RELIX Magazine/jam band top 30, and their version of “Glitter In The Air” made the NonHollywood list of 50 Best P!NK Cover songs.


So what’s next? They will be playing shows in support of the album, but they are already hard at work writing songs for their follow-up EP of originals, due out in Summer 2015.



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